“Sean Hudock is Particularly Good” in New York Times Critics’ Pick ‘PRIVATE ROMEO’ on DVD, iTunes, Amazon and Netflix June 5

Sean Hudock, Seth Numrich, Bobby Moreno & Charlie Barnett in PRIVATE ROMEO

PRIVATE ROMEO runs through Thursday March 1, 2012 at Cinema Village, NYC. Click here to purchase tickets.

★ New York Times – Critics’ Pick
“Performed to perfection – Even the playwright himself would spring for a ticket to Alan Brown’s PRIVATE ROMEO – Especially when the performances are this good: smoothly injecting familiar speeches with cheeky humor and sly insinuation, the cast slides from past to present with impressive ease.” Full review here

“A dynamite ensemble cast of young actors invests the Bard’s poetry with energetic immediacy. Opening Feb. 10 at Gotham’s Cinema Village, this vibrant pic has an appeal that easily extends beyond its target audience.” Full review here

Gay City News
“The young men have a terrific facility with the language and an ability to make it seem contemporary. Seth Numrich (Romeo/ Sam) and Matt Doyle (Juliet/ Glenn) are particularly good, as are Hale Appleman (Mercutio/ Josh) and Sean Hudock (Benvolio/ Gus).” Full review here

New York Observer
“Brave, controversial – hugely adventurous and highly liberated movie that offers a fresh take on the Bard in the age of same-sex marriage. The entire supporting cast is flawless. PRIVATE ROMEO will undoubtedly be regarded by some as a curio, but it’s a sweet, sympathetic and surprising one, highly recommended to the adventurous spirit in an enlightened and changing world.” Full review here

Advocate Magazine
“One of the Best Overlooked Films That You Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2011”

Frontiers LA
“Artful, graceful and different, this would make Derek Jarman proud – Theatrical on so many levels, be sure to catch this one in an actual movie theater. It demands it, truly. As would the Bard.” Full review here

Folger Shakespeare Library
“[PRIVATE ROMEO ] a new version of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Alan Brown, and featuring an all-male cast, is sure to become an important film adaptation of this play. If you’re in New York City on the 10th, you should get to the theatre and see it.” Full review here