“Titan Theatre’s ‘MIDSUMMER’ among the most surprising and successful in the history of the Shakespearean stage,” Sean Hudock is “spectacular,” “adorable in his roles as the romantic Hermia and shy, cowardly Snug,” “Hudock brilliantly portrays Bottom”

Lloyd Mulvey, Sean Hudock, Laura Frye, Gregory Isaac, Alexis Black in Titan Theatre’s MIDSUMMER

Titan Theatre’s ‘A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM,’ (which opened on October 18, 2013) now playing a limited run through November 3, 2013 at The Secret Theatre in New York City. Sean joins an ensemble made up of nine who tackle 16 roles – each hand-picked by the audience seconds before the show begins – in Shakespeare’s comedy, directed by Lenny Banovez for Titan Theatre Company‘s second full season. Scroll down to read reviews from the production, and click here for show dates and ticket info.



The Titan Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, directed by Lenny Banovez, can deservedly claim its place among the most surprising and successful in the history of the Shakespearean stage. Every actor plays his/her part as if he/she were born to play it.  In fact, the production’s great success is obviously due to the cast’s experience and love of the material — in the hands of lesser actors, this lottery could easily turn into a game of Russian roulette.  This, though, is a team of seasoned players, and the element of the unknown seems to energize the performers and galvanize their performances.  It is impossible to find fault with a single performance. Statistically, there is bound to be interesting interplay, and the actors capitalize on the romantic permutations with zest and honesty.  Banovez’s production is a joy, as any production of “Midsummer” should be.”

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Director Lenny Banovez of the Titan Theatre Company has chosen to take a classic piece of work and transform it into a creative and imaginative adventure. On the night I attended (opening), Sean Hudock played Bottom.  His vocal inflection, different dimensions and ease in the role were spectacular.  It was truly the most entertained I have been while watching a Shakespeare play, aside from Alan Cumming in the Scottish play.”

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“These updated versions have enjoyed various degrees of success. Some have been lauded by critics and audiences, while others have been called out as gimmicky and dismissed. Titan Theatre Co. has now weighed in with its unique version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – the nine performers playing the 16 parts make it all work beautifully.  As Bottom, Sean Hudock brilliantly portrays a bad actor, which is not an easy thing to do, both as the man and as the donkey. Director Lenny Banovez keeps a light touch on the action and allows this one-act version to simply fly by during the 90-minute production. 

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“According to the old adage, “love is blind” – so goes the premise behind Shakespeare’s classic play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Titan Theatre Company’s production expands this idea with the concept of a sort of “blind” casting – that is, having eight of the nine actors’ roles chosen for them by the audience before every performance. Through this method, the notion of love as something that does not discriminate is quite literally put on display and brought to the forefront in ways possibly never before seen with the play. The results, with the company’s talented cast, is a romantic comedy like no other. Shakespearean actors are often lauded not only for their ability to decipher and interpret the Bard’s language, but also for their sheer ability alone. They are often classically trained, and as such are able to embody these characters and present them to a modern audience with ease and grace. The cast of this production is no exception – in fact, they far exceed all the usual qualities of a Shakespearean actor, given the task thrown at them. Each actor was given a track of double roles, and each one was astounding in their grasp of each character.  Sean Hudock was adorable in his roles as the romantic Hermia and shy, cowardly Snug. The Titan Theatre Company’s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one that will leave you entranced and thoroughly entertained. With a clever reimagining and talented cast, this is one dream you won’t want to wake up from.  

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Queens Courier – Editors’ Pick


Through the use of a simple set and costumes that merely suggest the clothing each character would wear director Lenny Banovez has very intelligently let the story and his actors speak for themselves. And they do not disappoint. It is insane to merely think of each actor knowing every line in the show. But when they show up onstage and fully inhabit their role, you would think they had only rehearsed that one part the whole time. The actors make distinct choices and brought new life to the words, never shying away from a moment they might be uncertain about but boldly asserting themselves instead. I can’t even imagine the tedious rehearsal process that this ensemble must have gone through but I applaud their commitment and am in awe of their abilities. It’s a remarkable thing to see. The beauty of this production is that the ensemble has forced their audiences to view a familiar play in what’s sure to be an unconventional way. They challenge us to watch the show with fresh eyes. By no means a production of Midsummer on autopilot like too many before it, Titan Theatre Company has crafted a very special project that is always sure to be highly entertaining. I found myself throughout the night catching certain lines I’d never heard before and laughing at parts of the show I had never found particularly funny. The best part is that I could go see the show again tomorrow night and find four or five more things I’ve never noticed before. In fact, I just might.

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