“Harrowing and Surreal ‘SHE CALLS ME FIREFLY’ makes extraordinary demands on Hudock, who rises to the occasion”

Matthew J. Harris and Sean Hudock in SHE CALLS ME FIREFLY. Photo by John Quilty
Matthew J. Harris and Sean Hudock in SHE CALLS ME FIREFLY. Photo by John Quilty

The roots of drug addiction are explored in a harrowing and surreal new play, “She Calls Me Firefly,” that is getting a public developmental production by the New Perspectives Theatre Company… Read more on Joe’s View

Sean stars with Matthew J. Harris, Landon Woodson and Autumn Kioti in the NYC developmental run of Teresa Lotz’s new play She Calls Me Firefly, directed by Ludovica Villar-Hauser.

An audience walks into a bar. No, that’s not the set up to a joke; it’s a description of the immersive environment in which She Calls Me Firefly, a new play by Teresa Lotz, will be performed. A joint producing venture between VH Theatrical Development Foundation and New Perspectives Theatre Company,She Calls Me Firefly will run from April 15th– May 3rd at New Perspectives Studio, an intimate space that has been converted into a small town bar.

Even in rehearsal, on a cold, rainy morning, the atmosphere of the playing space is electrifying. Lighted signs announce drink specials and indicate that the bar is open. Above the stage, a University of Kentucky pennant hints at the locale. Beer ads and a darts board hang on the wall behind the small, round tables that are surrounded by stools and chairs.

The bar is called Freddie’s Place and playwright Teresa thinks of it as otherworldly. “This place is where Ken [the play’s protagonist] is going to face his demons for the first time,” she said. “I’ve recently come to think of this play as Ken walking into a wrestling ring and summoning the figures he needs to fight. And he knows that one of those two entities needs to win.“

She Calls Me Firefly is not an easy play to describe. It’s a memory piece told by an unreliable protagonist who admits to having a flawed memory. It’s a psychological examination of PTSD and coming to terms with a traumatic event from childhood. It’s a love story between two men, both recovering addicts.

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She Calls Me Firefly runs through May 3, 2015 in New York. Tickets and more at http://www.SheCallsMeFirefly.com.