Video: Wild Root @ Arena Stage with ‘ROOM AT THE END OF THE HALL’

Last January we worked with a great team of artists to continue building Rocco Natale’s play ROOM AT THE END OF THE HALL as part of Arena Stage‘s Kogod Cradle Series.

“I am ecstatic that we have the opportunity to share our resources with these extraordinary artists,” said Director of Artistic Programming Robert Barry Fleming. “Their work is sure to inspire audiences who share my enthusiasm for the inventive work traditionally associated with the Kogod Cradle Series, an initiative dedicated to the process of inquiry that is essential to the development of innovative new work.”

This opportunity, generously provided by Arena Stage, gave audiences four exclusive opportunities to experience and engage with this new work and play a key role in its further development through an open rehearsal live stream and a designated seating area for folks to be an active participant in the development process by live-tweeting feedback during the show.

Tom Story directed Silas Gordon Brigham and myself, with Stage Management by Samantha Owen, scenic design by Edward T. Morris, Dramaturgy by Jocelyn Clarke.

More on the project at




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