Photos: In Rehearsal for ‘DEEPLY SUPERFICIAL’ First Look at La MaMa with Sean, Ellen Foley & David Garrison

An honor to spend a few days in the rehearsal room diving into the latest draft of deft writer Michael Menzies’ new play (based on his memoir of the same name) DEEPLY SUPERFICIAL, with artists I’ve looked up to for many years: Chuck Abbott, David Garrison, Ellen Foley.

Of Michael’s original memoir, published by Magnus Books in 2012 Christopher Lloyd, Emmy-winning executive producer/writer of Modern Family and Frasier, wrote:

Michael Menzies has led the picaresque life many of us only dram of, and he sets it down with such wit and grace it’s hard to know which to envy more, his wealth of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, or his skill with a pen.”

From that material, Michael has created a very witty and touching memory stage play based on his “enchanted life” setting out to prove that he is the secret love child of Noel Coward and Marlene Dietrich. Our work over the past few days was based in exploring the work on its feet for the first time with the goal of presenting a rough sketch of the play to an invited audience on May 11 at La Galleria at La MaMa.

To quote Michael’s character in DEEPLY SUPERFICIAL, for this experience I am “deeply deeply grateful.”

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