‘Caesar: A Surround Sound Experiment’ extends to May 29; “If Hudock’s ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ is as good as his ‘Cry Havoc’ listeners are in for a treat under the blood moon” – Theatermania

Sean produces and plays Mark Antony in Knock at the Gate’s second immersive audio project ‘Caesar: A Surround Sound Experiment,” broadcast worldwide May 25-29, 2021 to benefit The Actors Fund.

Created in isolation and designed for a pair of headphones and lunar light. Inspired by the cosmic images and caveats in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ and the work of NASA’s data sonification project, the project was streamed to listeners around the world May 25-29, 2021, timed to air with the “Super Blood Moon” and first full lunar eclipse since 2019.

Featuring Jacqueline Antaramian, Joel de la Fuente, Joseph Discher, Mark H. Dold, Sean Hudock, Maurice Jones, January LaVoy, Anthony Michael Martinez, Ryan McCarthy, Shane Taylor, Patrick Toon, Scott Wentworth, and Derek Wilson

Knock at the Gate has raised more than $10,000 for arts workers affected by the pandemic.

Directed & Adapted by Joseph Discher
Soundscape by Leigh Roberts
Engineering and Additional Designs:
Rider Q. Stanton
Production Manager: Denise Cardarelli
Associate Sound Designer: Kristina Tevdoradze
Producing Resident: Hope Cassandra
Produced by Sean Hudock

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