“Performed to perfection. Shakespeare himself would spring for a ticket to Private Romeo – especially when the performances are this good” New York Times, Critics Pick

“A lady killer by trade, toned enough to bounce all sorts of currency off of, Hudock gives a shrewd, emotionally resonant performance, brilliant, innocently flirtatious, and yet packs a carnal charge” Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Mr. Hudock and Mr. Mulcahy give fine, thoughtful performances. We feel their humanity.” New York Times

“If Hudock’s ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ is as good as his ‘Cry Havoc’ listeners are in for a treat under the blood moon” Theatermania

“Thrilling, emotionally charged, revelatory, excellently acted by Hudock and Brockman.” Dallas Observer

“Gripping, propulsive, the technically assured Hudock, who looks as if he has just stepped out of a boyband, is a terrific innocent-but-passionate Romeo” Washington Post

“Hudock gives a tour de force performance, artistry that proves less really is more”

“A fine performer, Hudock has a wonderfully deft way of maneuvering the boardwalk” Peter Filichia, Daily Record

“She Calls Me Firefly makes extraordinary demands on Hudock who rises to the occasion” Connecticut Post

“Hudock deftly captures the gradually revealed strength of young Philip. Hudock’s boy monarch at first fools Henry into thinking of him as callow. However it isn’t long until he reveals that he is a fearsome foe without removing the smile from his face” Talkin Broadway